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Frequently Asked Questions



 How can I book an appointment with you?

 You can book appointment with me by:

* Calling on my number

* By Text 

* By E-mail           


 I Called you but you are not answering my call?

 When i don't answer the call, its mean i am not been able to speak to you at that time, so please leave voice or text message on my number or e-mail me. I will get back to you as soon as i can.


How much notice do you need?

It depends some times I am available and come to you as short as in an hour notice. But mostly I prefer to book in advance. You can book for night any time during the day and for morning appointment a night before.


What if I want to book in advance?

Yes I can book your appointment in advance that will be more secure and before any one else booked as its on first come first served. 


What do you need to confirm my appointment?

Well I will confirm your appointment once you give me your contact number and complete address of your home or hotel (Room number) and date and time. Without it your appointment will not be considered as confirmed, but will keep you in reserve.


I live in a flat share and therefore don’t want the others to hear or suspect would introduce you as a friend if need be..what do you think?

I could come to your shared flat, there is no problem for me, I have seen many of girls living in flat share. You can introduce me as friend if any one came across or any one asks you.


Can you travel out side London?

Yes I can travel to you out side London on additional cost. I cover all areas in south of London and between Brighton. Travel charges apply for travelling to outside of London depending your location. Click here to find out. 


How can I pay you?

You can pay me before the massage and I only accept cash.



Can my Husband or boy friend watch?

Yes he can, I don’t mind unless he is comfortable and don’t interrupt. 


Do you bring massage table?

Not required massage table for this type of massage. It’s more comfortable to have it on bed.


How long the massage will last?

Normally it takes 1 to 1.5 hours. And some time 3 to 4 hours. It depends on your requirements and level of your fulfilment and how many time you want to have orgasm. I personally recommend you 1 hours for the First session, or more for Massage with Tantric Sex and shower before Massage. The More Time you will book for the more you will feel relaxed and have batter orgasm. 


I don’t have any sexual problem can I also have massage?

This massage is for every one, some ladies have this massage for orgasms and sexual issues and some for pleasure and pampering them self.


I want to have great orgasms, how many times do I need the massage to achieve my goal?

Most women hold a lot of tension in their bodies and been inactive for long time need at least 5 deep massage sessions to activate your sexual powers that will allow you to have whole body orgasms, but most of the girls have achieve great orgasms in first session. 


Do you also provide 4 hands Tantra massage?

Tantra massage is 1-2-1 massage. There is no concept of 4 hands massage in Ancient Tantra. Four handed is in Modern Tantra. I don't have any partner yet to provide 4 handed massage. 


Do you provide service to disables?

Yes, but depends on the nature of disability. Should not be any serious mental and other critical physical disability that could cause you any problem. Please discuss with me first.


I am pregnant, is there any problem to have this type of massage, Can you Massage Pregnant Ladies?

Yes i can massage pregnant ladies. there is no problem having this type of massage in pregnancy, rather its very good to have because of its gentleness and i will give you a good back rub where you carry all the load of pregnancy.


How long you have been providing this massage?

It’s about 15 years I have been providing Tantra massage to ladies.


Do you use any oil or lotion for massage?

I use Aromatic Massage Oils and Candles. They are Luxurious and of High Quality.

Is there any age limit to receive this massage?

There is not such an age limit for this massage but as it is extremely sensual so you have to be on minimum legal age limit in UK.

What should I need to do before you came for massage?  

You should be shaved or well trimmed from down under and take shower before.


What do you want me to wear? 

Well I don't mind what ever you wear, its your leisure time so batter dress sexy and easy to remove.


What you will be wearing during massage?

Tantra is a Naturist Massage where both receiver and giver are in nude state. 


I am not interested in Intercourse, is it ok?

Yes its ok, there will be no pressure on you for that. 


Can I touch your body during massage? Is there any limit or you won’t allow me to touch you on any part?

 No there is no limit, you can touch me anywhere you want its the part of massage.


Can my Boy Friend/Husband join in?

Yes of course he can join in at certain time.


Can my partner or I make video and take pictures with you?

Yes you can with extra charge of £50 or free when you share pictures and video. 



I'm nervous that I won't be able to "perform" because I don't have much experience, and I don't want to turn you off.

It's your time - there's no pressure on you to do anything in particular. Try not to build up a detailed scenario in advance, and just go with the flow when you get there. 


What should I do if I don't feel well on the day of an appointment?

Phone and cancel as soon as possible. If the I cannot be reached, text my mobile phone. 



What will happen during the appointment?

Let me know what you enjoy and what sort of experience you'd like - remember that I wants you to have a good time. The more you allow me to push your boundaries the more you will be relaxing.   


How do I book a hotel without the charge showing up on my credit card?

Book the hotel using your credit card for room guarantee purposes, but settle the account in cash when you leave. 


What are the best ways to have a wonderful time with an escort?

A friendly and open-minded attitude, and a good sense of humour always help. You will either have a pleasant time, or "click" with the guy and have a wonderful time. You can't predict chemistry but you can have an enjoyable time either way. 

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